Teaching About the Holocaust in Grade 6 Classrooms

We know finding accurate, age-appropriate resources can be a challenge, and now with the new Ontario curriculum, it’s one that many Grade 6 educators are facing. If you’re unsure where to look for support, look no further! We’ve created a list of all our resources well-suited for Grade 6 students.

Memoirs Digital Anniversary Image Titles


All of our memoirs and educational materials are free of charge for students and educators. Our memoirs have age classifications for content and maturity. All six of our 11+ memoirs are available in English. All are available in paperback and/or digital formats (PDF and ebook). Those marked with an asterisk(*) are also available as an audiobook.

Educational Materials

We currently have two existing Education Programs and seven existing Education Activities that are appropriate for a middle school audience. Education programs are multi-lesson, comprehensive units of study that focus on more than one author and/or theme. Education activities are shorter, complementary resources that focus on one author or one specific aspect of the Holocaust.

Digital Resources

Recollection Title screen
Ed Disrupted
Elsa Short Film