Hearing History: A Holocaust Survivor Memoir Read Aloud

  • 11+
  • Flexible length

This program is designed to help students learn about the Holocaust as educators guide them through a read aloud of a published memoir.

During the program, students will:

  • Listen to a memoir written by a Holocaust survivor
  • Analyze and compare similar literary forms (memoir, biography, autobiography and historical fiction)
  • Engage in reflective and meaningful discussion

By engaging with a survivor memoir and exploring its historical context, students will gain an understanding of the Holocaust through first-hand accounts. As the book is read aloud to students, they will learn about the value of memoirs as both a literary form and a tool for studying history.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the historical context of the Holocaust
  • Build aural comprehension skills
  • Learn to identify features of memoir as a literary form
  • Develop historical thinking concepts


This program is based on two memoirs:

Use this form to order your copy of the books and any additional copies for students.

The Teacher’s Guide provides a lesson breakdown and additional resources/curricular connections. The Language Notes and Content Warnings document lists phrases, excerpts or sections that you may choose to define, simplify or skip during your read aloud. Supplementary Visuals includes maps, photographs and other images accompanying the memoir. These can be printed or displayed on a projector for students during the read aloud. The Sample Discussion Questions can be used with students to facilitate directed conversations during and after the reading.

Upon Completing the Reading

Download the sample discussion questions.

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