Hidden Children, Identity and the Holocaust: Surviving in the Margin of the Catastrophe

  • 11+
  • 6 Lessons

This program explores stories of survivors who were hidden as children during the Holocaust and later immigrated to Canada.

During the Program, students will:

  • Read one memoir and/or use Re:Collection, an interactive digital resource, to explore video clips, memoir excerpts, photographs and artifacts related to their assigned authors
  • Discuss the concept of identity
  • Examine primary sources
  • Create a timeline or newspaper article
  • Reflect on the experience of immigration to Canada after the Holocaust

After completing the Education Program, students will understand the variety of ways that Jewish children experienced the Holocaust in hiding and will demonstrate awareness of the value of using personal accounts to study this history.

Learning Objectives

  • Analyze oral and written survivor testimony
  • Develop historical-thinking and critical-thinking skills
  • Engage with primary sources


The Education Program materials come in two parts: The Teacher’s Guide contains lesson outlines and answer keys, and the Student Package contains handouts and worksheets for students.

This program is based on memoirs by Judy Abrams, Claire Baum, René Goldman, Muguette Myers, Arthur Ney and Marguerite Élias Quddus. It can be completed using any one of these memoirs or a combination of them.

Using the order form here, select the number of memoirs required for your class.

Portions of this program are completed using our digital resource, Re:Collection, which can be accessed here.

Need help or wish to provide feedback?

Please contact us at memoirs@azrielifoundation.org if you would like to know more about the Education Program or would like help implementing the Education Program in your classroom.