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At Great Risk: Memoirs of Rescue during the Holocaust

In France, underground networks find refuge for eleven-year-old Eva Lang and her younger sisters, protecting them from internment camps. In an orphanage in Slovakia, a pastor shelters young David Korn and his older brother, saving them from deportation. In a village in Poland, a farmer hides nine-year-old Fishel Philip Goldig and his parents after they escape from a ghetto and certain death. When so many people stood by during the anti-Jewish atrocities of the Holocaust, others risked their lives to save their Jewish friends and neighbours, and often even strangers. The three feature memoirs in At Great Risk are accompanied by excerpted stories of rescue by thirteen previously published Azrieli Foundation authors, highlighting the diverse experiences of rescue during the Holocaust. Together, these stories emphasize not only the courage and moral strength of the rescuers but also the survivors’ remembrances of and gratitude to their rescuers after the war.

Introduction by Carol Rittner and Mary Johnson

At a Glance
Anthology of memoirs by three survivors, featuring a section on thirteen Azrieli Foundation authors and their rescue stories
Poland; Czechoslovakia; Slovakia; France
Vichy France
Ghetto; hiding; passing/false identity
Resistance and rescue
Righteous Among the Nations
Arrived in Canada in 1948 (Fishel); 1965 (David); 1974 (Eva)
Educational materials available: At Great Risk: An Education Program on Holocaust Rescue and the Righteous Among the Nations

416 pages, including index

Recommended Ages

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Photo of Eva Lang

About the author

Eva Lang was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1930. She immigrated to British Mandate Palestine in 1945 and to Canada in 1974. Eva was an early childhood educator and an aestheti­cian. Eva Lang passed away in 2024.

Photo of David Korn

About the author

David Korn was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), in 1937. In 1949, he immigrated to Israel, where he earned a degree in engineering. David came to Canada in 1965 and worked on building restorations in Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax. David lives in Halifax, where he speaks often about his wartime experiences.

Photo of Fishel Philip Goldig

About the author

Fishel Philip Goldig was born in Mielnica, Poland (now Melnytsia-Podilska, Ukraine), in 1933. He immigrated to Montreal in 1948, where he estab­lished various businesses while also becoming a professional singer, cantor and theatre performer. Fishel lives in Montreal and is dedicated to Holocaust education.

Many rescuers often say they only did what any decent person would have done in their position, and yet we know that is not true. They did what so many others did not do.