Jewish Day School Fellowship in Holocaust Education and Commemoration

The Azrieli Foundation’s Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program and Facing History and Ourselves Canada are proud to announce the launch of the Jewish Day School (JDS) Fellowship in Holocaust Education and Commemoration.

Reflections on Teaching the Holocaust

In this blog post, the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program manager of education initiatives, Marc-Olivier Cloutier, asks Stephanie Kessler, an English and history teacher at Collège Reine-Marie in Montreal, about her experiences teaching the Holocaust. Kessler brings Holocaust education into the curriculum year after year, using many of the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program resources.

How Teachers Teach the Holocaust: Survey Findings

Since its inception, the Azrieli Foundation's Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program has made education a central part of its mission.

New Online Activity: Liberation Through the Eyes of a Hidden Child

In this activity, students will use testimony to learn about Claire Baum's experiences in hiding during the Holocaust, her moment of liberation and her life after liberation.

Introduce your students to the Human Experience of Auschwitz on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This human-centred learning helps students approach the history of the Holocaust in the most effective way. Personal accounts, whe...

Hidden Children, Identity and the Holocaust: Surviving in the Margin of the Catastrophe

We know that teachers want to provide in-depth and engaging units on the Holocaust but might be unsure where to begin. How do you ...