Where Courage Lives

From the bustling city of Paris to the quaint, countryside village of Champlost, France, Where Courage Lives follows ten-year-old Muguette Szpajzer and her family as they seek refuge from the war. Written in vignettes with child-like charm and innocence, Muguette’s memoir provides rich insight into rural life during wartime upheaval, honouring both her indomitable mother and the courage of the people of Champlost.

Introduction by Susan Zuccotti

At a Glance
Vélodrome d’Hiver roundup
Hidden child
Passing/false identity
Arrived in Canada in 1947
Adjusting to life in Canada
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Muguette Myers Activity

168 pages, including index

Recommended Ages

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Photo of Muguette Myers

About the author

Muguette Szpajzer-Myers was born in 1931 in Paris, France. In 1947, Muguette, her older brother and their mother immigrated to Montreal, where Muguette eventually started a family and worked as a translator. Muguette returned to Champlost, France, in 2005 for a ceremony to honour four members of the community as Righteous Among the Nations for hiding her and her family during the war. Muguette Myers lives in Montreal.

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Everyone in Champlost had a hand in hiding us.