Professional Development: Navigating the New Curriculum

With the rollout of the new Grade 6 curriculum’s inclusion of Holocaust education, school boards and teachers across Ontario have been searching for guidance from local organizations to help them navigate the complex subject matter.

New Online Activity: Liberation Through the Eyes of a Hidden Child

In this activity, students will use testimony to learn about Claire Baum's experiences in hiding during the Holocaust, her moment of liberation and her life after liberation.

Too Many Goodbyes: The Diaries Of Susan Garfield

Read an excerpt of Susan Garfield's memoir, “Too Many Goodbyes: The Diaries of Susan Garfield”

Confronting Devastation: Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors from Hungary

From idyllic pre-war life to forced labour battalions, ghettos and camps, and persecution and hiding in Budapest, the authors...

The High Holidays Engraved in Memory

Holidays for Love and Family: For Elsa Thon, the High Holidays remind her of the first time her parents met in 1913. In her...

In Search of Light

The Abel family after the war. From left to right: Martha's sister, Eta, her mother, Sari, her father, Ödön, and Martha. Cluj,...

Always Remember Who You Are

Anita with her parents, Edzia and Fisko. Synowódzko Wyżne, Poland, 1937. Miraculous Escape We didn’t know where my mother had...