In Dreams Together

In the summer of 1944, Leslie Fazekas and his family are deported from their hometown of Debrecen, Hungary, to Vienna, Austria, as forced labourers. It is only after the war that they will discover that most of the cattle car trains from their hometown were destined for Auschwitz. Fate and fortune have intervened to save their lives, and in the devastating circumstances of their captivity, Leslie details all of his experiences in diary entries and letters to his girlfriend, Judit, whom he was separated from in Vienna. Leslie’s writing from August 10, 1944, to April 2, 1945, are both love letters and precious archival documents, and they are a testimony of his family’s survival during a precarious time.

At a Glance
Hungary; Austria
Debrecen ghetto
Strasshof distribution camp
Forced labour camp
Wartime diary and letters paired with postwar memoir
Arrived in Canada in 1956

184 pages

Recommended Ages

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Photo of Leslie Fazekas

About the author

Leslie Fazekas was born in Debrecen, Hungary, in 1925. After the war, he reunited with Judit (Judy), and they married in Budapest in 1949. Leslie returned to school and earned his mechanical engineering diploma at the Technical University of Budapest. In 1956, Leslie and his family immigrated to Toronto, where Leslie attended the University of Toronto for computer programming, a field he worked in until he retired in 1988. Leslie and Judy live in Toronto.

My dear Judit! September 1, which I have been awaiting for so long, will be here soon. I have thought a lot about this day. It is the day when you and I are supposed to be reunited.