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Bits and Pieces

Lodz, Poland, 1944. Teenaged Henia Rosenfarb sits with her family in a small, secret room, hiding from the Nazi soldiers who are looking for them. Little can the fiery redhead imagine the path her life would take, from wartime Poland to contemporary Canada. Hoping to elude the net that tightens around her as World War II advances, Henia makes two promises to herself: the first is that she will one day travel to Paris, and the second, that she will become a teacher. Supported by her family and by her commitment to the Bund, a political movement dedicated to social justice, Henia keeps her focus on those promises. These “bits and pieces” of her life give us a glimpse of a tumultuous past and a faith in the future.

Introduction by Sara Horowitz

At a Glance
Lodz ghetto
Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp
Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
Arrived in Canada in 1951

112 pages, including index

2008 Independent Publisher Gold Medal

2008 Canadian Jewish Book Award

Recommended Ages

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Photo of Henia Reinhartz

About the author

Born in Lodz, Poland, in 1926, Henia Reinhartz endured the Lodz ghetto and survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. After the war, she moved to Paris, where she graduated as a Yiddish and Hebrew teacher and met her husband. Henia immigrated to Canada in 1951. Henia Reinhartz passed away in 2021.

My family and I were in hiding. Suddenly I heard someone panting on the stairs … we didn’t breathe. Who was coming now?