Writing Partners

Our volunteer writing partners are people of different ages, life stages and religious, cultural and education backgrounds. They share the desire to learn more about the Holocaust and support survivors in telling their stories in the manner that was meaningful to them.

Survivor: Felicia Carmelly

I volunteer believing I will come away richer for the experience. I often questioned this belief while working with Felicia Carmelly.

Felicia was demanding.

I never felt I could truly capture all she wanted to say.

She asked for more time and work than I could give as a volunteer.

She always had more to tell me, more unspeakable truths to be recorded.

I understood. Because of her age, Felicia’s words had to be documented, then and there.

Whatever the frustrations, our project gave voice to Felicia. I felt privileged to help her find that voice and begin recording what needed to be recorded.

I am grateful for the time I spent with someone I consider to be a true woman of valour.

I think of Felicia fondly, particularly when I bake her Apple Charlotka, a cake her mother baked back home in Romania. I like to think she would be pleased.

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