Writing Partners

Our volunteer writing partners are people of different ages, life stages and religious, cultural and education backgrounds. They share the desire to learn more about the Holocaust and support survivors in telling their stories in the manner that was meaningful to them.

Survivor: Arnold Friedman

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When I first met Arnold Friedman, during the fall of 2012, I expected his recollections of the Holocaust to overwhelm me with feelings of sadness and despair. However, I soon realized that in spite of Mr. Friedman losing his parents and siblings, and even though he endured years of psychological torture at the hands of the Nazis, Mr. Friedman’s story was one of resilience and hope. Regardless of his horrendous experiences in Auschwitz and other camps, he was able to push past his emotional pain and grow stronger. I was honoured to be able to help share his story so it would not be forgotten.

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