Writing Partners

Our volunteer writing partners are people of different ages, life stages and religious, cultural and education backgrounds. They share the desire to learn more about the Holocaust and support survivors in telling their stories in the manner that was meaningful to them.

Survivor: Israel Schapira

Gloria Draper thumb

In 2017, I was fortunate to be a writing partner working with a ninety-one-year-old Holocaust survivor who was finally ready to have his story documented, primarily for his multi-generational family. I felt honoured to help him articulate his life of resilience and luck in numerous camps, ghettos and in hiding, as well as the story of his postwar life in Israel and in Canada. As a child of survivors, I’d previously documented survivors’ oral histories and had heard many stories; however, being a writing partner was particularly rewarding as time was running out for this individual's oral history to be told. Within a year, my survivor partner was gone, but his story lives on.

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