Before All Memory Is Lost: Women's Voices from the Holocaust

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In this anthology, twenty women reflect on their experiences of survival during the Holocaust — from the heart-stopping fears of hiding to the extreme risks of “passing” as non-Jews, and from the terrors of the Nazi camps to the treacheries of the Soviet Union. Each woman’s unique account is connected to the others by common threads and themes: family, fear and the ways they resisted and, ultimately, triumphed over extreme adversity. Many also offer poignant insights into their experiences of loss and renewal after liberation. Featuring a wide variety of narrative styles, including prose, poetry and diary excerpts, this powerful and unique Canadian collection gives voice to the many women who endured in the face of horrifying brutality and memorializes the families and friends whose voices were silenced.

At a Glance
Anthology of memoirs by 20 women survivors
Survivors from across occupied Europe and Soviet Union
Sections: Hiding, Passing, Camps and Soviet Union
Section introductions by Myrna Goldenberg

606 pages, including index

2018 Independent Publisher Gold Medal, 2017 Canadian Jewish Literary Award

Recommended Ages

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About the editor

Myrna Goldenberg is the co-editor of Different Horrors, Same Hell: Gender and the Holocaust (2013) and Experience and Expression: Women, the Nazis, and the Holocaust (2003), as well as a number of other publications. A professor emerita of Montgomery College, Maryland, Goldenberg’s research focuses on gender and the Holocaust and on teaching the Holocaust in the university and college classroom.

We had a father, a mother, and

In the blink of an eye, we lost them… 

from the root, let a branch remain… 

Let their memory live forever.