The Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program

Re:Collection is an immersive digital platform that utilizes interactive storytelling and innovative design to provide a truly unique journey through Holocaust history.

Witness, discover and explore Holocaust history like never before and start your Re:Collection experience today. 

Enter Re:Collection

Hearing a survivor tell their story is a transformative experience. Re:Collection brings this powerful connection into the digital space. Meet survivors and witness their remarkable stories - from pre-war daily life and survival during the Holocaust to their liberation and rebirth in the aftermath - through expertly curated video testimony, excerpts from their memoirs, personal artifacts and photos.

The journey through Re:Collection lets you investigate life in hiding, camps and ghettos, find inspiring stories of resistance and miracles, and engage with post war immigration journeys to reveal the true scope and magnitude of the event and paint a dynamic picture of the most important aspects and themes of Holocaust history.

As you explore Re:Collection, customize your experience by building a personal collection of artifacts, photos memoir excerpts and video testimony to highlight and save what is most important to you.

The historical timeline provides the big picture, showing the most significant events of the Holocaust and World War II, and situates your collection within the larger historical context. 

The interactive map provides an opportunity to view and compare survivor journeys in their geographical context, tracking escapes, deportations, hiding places and their journey to rebuild their life after the war.