Tenuous Threads/One of the Lucky Ones

Two Jewish girls born six months apart — Judit Grünfeld (Judy Abrams) in Hungary and Eva Felsenburg (Marx) in Czechoslovakia — are only children when they are thrown into the turmoil and terror of World War II. At seven, Judy’s mother leaves her at a convent where she must adopt a new Christian identity. Eva is first sent away at two, then again at six, in disguise and tearful. Separated from their parents, forced to “pass” as Christian children, coping with dangers they barely understand, these evocative and lyrical memoirs describe childhoods irrevocably marked by the Holocaust. Tenuous Threads and One of the Lucky Ones tell us the parallel but unique stories of two children who were able to survive when so many others perished.

Introduction by Mia Spiro

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Judy Abrams:
Enfant en clandestinité
Fausse identité
Immigration au Canada en 1949
Adaptation à la vie canadienne
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Judy Abrams
Eva Felsenburg Marx:
Tchécoslovaquie; Slovaquie
Fausse identité
Immigration au Canada en 1949
Adaptation à la vie canadienne

224 pages

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Photo of Judy Abrams

À propos de l'autrice

Judy Abrams est née le 28 avril 1937 à Budapest (Hongrie), elle a immigré à Montréal en 1949. Elle a enseigné le français à l’École internationale des Nations Unies à New York. Judy et son mari vivent à Montréal.

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Photo of Eva Felsenburg Marx

À propos de l'autrice

Eva Marx est née le 21 octobre 1937 à Brno (Tchécoslovaquie, aujourd’hui en République tchèque). En 1949, elle a émigré à Montréal, où elle est devenue enseignante au primaire. Eva Marx réside à Montréal.

I had always liked to play make-believe, but somehow they made me understand that this game was real. I never gave away my secret.