Knocking on Every Door

As Hitler’s army sweeps into Czechoslovakia in 1940, Anka Voticky, a twenty-five-year-old mother of two, her husband, Arnold, and her family flee halfway around the world to an unlikely refuge – the Chinese port of Shanghai. Estranged from all that is familiar, their security is threatened yet again when the Japanese occupying the city force the Jewish refugees into a ghetto. After the war, the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia sends the Votickys on another harrowing journey out of Europe, this time to safety in Canada. Global in scope, Anka Voticky’s memoir provides a rare glimpse of the far-reaching impact of World War II. At the same time, Knocking on Every Door is an inspiring story of love, family commitment and Anka’s willingness to cross oceans in search of freedom and a better future for her children.

Introduction by Doris Bergen

En bref
Tchécoslovaquie; Chine
Ghetto de Hongkew à Shanghai (Chine)
Immigration au Canada en 1948

192 pages

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Photo of Anka Voticky

À propos de l'autrice

Anka Voticky est née en 1913 dans la petite ville de Brandýs nad Labem, dans l’Empire austro-hongrois. En 1918, sa famille est partie à Prague (Tchécoslovaquie, aujourd’hui en République tchéque). En 1948, elle et les siens ont fui le régime communiste tchécoslovaque pour venir s’établir à Montréal. Anka est décédée en 2014 à l’âge de 100 ans.

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There was a feeling of imminent danger… we were all subject to the mad and ever-changing rules of Hitler’s Germany. We were desperate to find a safe haven.