A Drastic Turn of Destiny

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The nerve-wracking account of one family’s efforts to stay one step ahead of the Nazi death machine, A Drastic Turn of Destiny is also the captivating story of a boy’s coming of age in the chaos of war. The biblical theme of Exodus to give shape to Fred Mann's story as he traces his family’s flight from Nazi Germany through Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Jamaica to ultimately find refuge in Canada. Against the backdrop of very real fear, persecution and exile, this memoir brings to light the experiences of a resourceful teenage boy who is forced to grow up too fast. Successful as he is in helping his family in their desperate determination to survive, Fred Mann’s story is at the same time a lament for a lost childhood.

Introduction by Mark Webber

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Allemagne; Belgique; France; Espagne; Portugal; Jamaïque
Camp d’internement jamaïcain
Immigration au Canada en 1952

304 pages

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À propos de l'auteur

Fred Mann est né en 1926 à Leipzig (Allemagne). Il a rencontré sa femme lors d’un voyage après la guerre, ils se sont mariés à Salzbourg (Autriche). En 1952, la famille Mann a immigré à Toronto où Fred a mené une longue carrière dans la finance internationale. Il est décédé en 2008.

In Germany I was “Jewboy”; in Brussels I was “boche”; in France I was “undesirable”; in Portugal I was a “refugee”; and in Jamaica I was simply a non-entity…. I was a pariah in an exploding world.