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If you are not an educator nor affiliated with an educational institution, you can purchase the memoirs in English through <a href="" target="_blank">Second Story Press</a>. The French versions of the memoirs are free to educators and the public through the Resources for Educators on this website. Second Story Press.

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Engage with Holocaust history through the incredible stories of survivors who built a new life in Canada.

Experience Re:Collection to explore, discover and collect rare interview footage of survivors, excerpts from their memoirs and archival photographs and artifacts. Curate thematic collections and gain a deeper understanding of the past through interactive timelines and maps.


Note to Educators

Due to the traumatic and often horrific experiences that the authors of the Azrieli Series of Holocaust Survivor Memoirs are writing about, and the extremely difficult circumstances in which they found themselves during the years of Nazi domination in Europe, some of the books in the series contain sensitive material. The complex and sometimes delicate issues raised in the survivors’ accounts are not only restricted to their encounters with brutality and violence – there are as many facets to their experiences as there are survivors. It is the policy of the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program not to excise these passages – our policy is to maintain the integrity of the survivors’ accounts and to publish them as written, editing only for clarity and editorial consistency.

While many of the Azrieli memoirs are suitable for readers age 14+, the series as a whole is intended for senior high school and adult readers.

We strongly urge teachers who wish to use the books in the classroom to exercise their own best judgment and discretion in deciding which titles are appropriate for their students.