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SEO Guide

SEO is an important part of any site. Updating and managing your SEO is simple but is done in a couple of different areas.

Sitewide SEO

Sitewide SEO is SEO that is set across the site. This is in two locations. The first is Globals > SEO

Here you can set the SEO title, SEO description, and SEO image used site wide. When a page does not have unique SEO set this will be used instead and displayed when sharing on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

It is important that each field here is filled in.

SEO Settings

On the left menu go to SEO Setttings . This section has two tabs: Identity and Social Media.

The Identity and Social Media tabs are partly completed with information gathered from the previous site. All fields here are optional, but the more information you fill out the better. All of this information is available for google to find and share in search results.

Page SEO

All page entries across the have same three fields as the site wide globals mentioned above. Additionally on the right side of the publish page you can see a preview of your potential SEO search result and sharing card for Social media.

Updates to SEO fields will be reflected here after saving.